Got a Question? This Should Help!

Can I order a stand to hold my Ekko Banner?
Yes! You can easily purchase Banner Stands with your order by clicking the cart logo under each stand for the appropriate banner size. If it’s your first time ordering, be sure to order one for each of your banners!

If you’re ordering a Retractable Banner w/ Stand, the banner comes in one size, matched perfectly to fit the stand: 31.5 x 78.5

Can I find out who designs these amazing Ekko Banners?
Yes! And we’re so glad you asked! Ekko Banners are all created by our wonderful design team at Ekko Designs!


Can I edit a banner template?
Yes! You can change the text and colors on any banner template at no additional charge.

Can I swap the background image but keep the design of a banner template?
Yes! You can ask for a different image for any Template Banner at no additional charge. Just let us know what kind of image you’re looking for while placing your order and we’ll work with you to get it right!

Can I change the orientation of banners?
Yes! You can change the orientation from vertical to horizontal and back at no additional charge on any size banner by simply selecting “Tall” or “Wide” under the “Orientation” heading while placing your order.


Can I make Custom Banners from scratch?
Yes! If you can’t find exactly what you need, we’re happy to create a Custom Banner from scratch. Custom Banner orders are only $99. Simply click on “Custom Banners,” fill out the form “Custom Banners” page, and we can start work on your Custom Banner today!

Can I get a proof before you print my Custom Banner?
Yes! We send you a PDF by email for your approval. Once we get your approval, it’s off to the presses! If you need further additions or changes, just let us know!


Are Ekko Banners printed on high-quality material?
Yes! We print on 13 oz. vinyl banner material. Ekko Banners use Eco-Solent inks, are printed in full-color up to 720dpi, have a standard straight cut edge with grommets in each corner, and grommets every 2-3 feet.

Can I put my Ekko Banner outdoors?
Yes! Keep in mind that vinyl material will still be affected over time by weather and sun exposure.


Can I get a discount on my order?
Yes! We hope you’ll spread the word about Ekko Banners by sharing on Facebook and Twitter…to thank you and show our appreciation, for a limited time, your whole order will automatically receive $10 off!

Can I pay with my PayPal account?
Yes! Simply select the “PayPal” option during your checkout process and follow the prompts to continue checkout!

Can I get an estimate of how long it’ll take?
Yes! After your order is printed (usually 3 business days) It will generally be 5-7 business days for your Ekko Banners to arrive. During peak seasonal times, it may take 7-10 business days to arrive, so be sure to plan ahead!

What is your refund policy?
If we made a mistake in printing your banner, we’ll do everything in our power to fix it! However, since each banner is custom made to order, we do not allow returns/refunds on the banners.

Can you ship Ekko Banners overnight?
Yes! It generally costs $100-$150 to overnight banners. Just click “Contact Us” prior to ordering to get a pricing quote for a specific banner order



I’m having trouble uploading my files, can you help?
Yes! Just use the uploading form below or email the files to hello@ekkobanners.com.

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